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Please link here for a comprehensive media audit of media coverage surrounding the Windsor Celebration, or scroll down for a few examples of this coverage. This cage is currently being added to.

December 2, 2009:

Link here for the article written in Dutch newspaper ‘Dagblad De Pers’ about the Alliance of Religions and Conservation and Copenhagen (by Lars Anderson, article written in Dutch)

November 20, 2009:

During the Islamic Hajj season alone, between two and three million pilgrims visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia. A Muslim Seven Year Plan introduced by Sheikh Ali Goma’a, Grand Mufti of Egypt, aims at “transforming the experience into an environmentally-friendly pilgrimage” the Environmental News Network reports… Read more by clicking here (COP 15; Copenhagen)

November 19, 2009:

Not long after a British judge ruled that environmental concerns are broadly equivalent to religious belief, I came across this interesting story in the Ecologist suggesting that conventional religions represent the best hope of meaningful action. The story appeared before a conference organised by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, described by the UN as “the biggest civil society movement on climate change in history”. Read more here (Times Online)Islam’s Green Initiative: The UK-based the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), in working with the U.N., recently hosted 200 representatives from nine major world religions spanning over 60 different religious organizations. Read on by following link (ENN)

November 11, 2009:

As Secretary General of ARC, as well as a long-term student of Chinese culture who has been privileged to translate both Laozi and Zhuangzi (two great philosophers of ancient China), I’m especially happy about our work in China. Read more here (Global Times)

November 8, 2009:

Link here for a link to the BBC Sunday programme which this week featured Windsor and its repercussions for a fascinating 20 minute feature. To read the transcript link here

ARC and the Windsor celebrations were featured today on BBC Radio 4′s Sunday Programme, which dedicated 20 of its 40 minutes running time to the event. Please listen here to the programme, or read the transcript here

“15 million Korans published each year to be printed on environmentally friendly paper, 26, 000 Daoist temples in China to become solar powered, 8.5 million trees to be planted in Tanzania. These are some of the commitments made by religious leaders at a big meeting in Windsor Castle this week.”

November 6, 2009:

There may be a prayer for climate change prevention. Major world religious leaders and conservation organizations recently gathered in Windsor, England for the Many Heavens, One Earth conference to advance the fight against climate change. Host Jeff Young speaks with Martin Palmer, Secretary General of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, about why these initiatives might have a greater impact on stewardship than scientific or political efforts. Read the transcript here, or click track number 3 below to listen (PBS International Radio):

November 4, 2009:

Representatives of the leading religious institutions committed to more than 30 ambitious multi-year plans across the nine-faiths designed to help religions reduce their carbon footprint, including re-directing investments into energy-efficient projects and greening their followers’ consumer preferences, a press statement issued by the UN said….For more read article here (Dawn)

For a man who loves hunting, fishing and shooting, Prince Philip may sound like an unlikely host for a vegan lunch. But with more than 200 religious leaders representing nearly a dozen of the world’s faiths coming for lunch at Windsor Castle, the Duke of Edinburgh had to be careful what he offered his guests. Beef, pork and indeed meat of any sort would have been unacceptable for many of those attending the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) event…. Read on here (Reuters)…Addressing the meeting, Egypt’s Mufti Ali Gomaa said Islam teaches followers to protect the environment, reported The Independent. “It is a religious duty to safeguard our environment and advocate the importance of preserving it,” he said. “Pollution and global warming pose an even greater threat than war and the fight to preserve the environment could be the most positive way of bringing humanity together”… To read more of this article from Islam Online click here (Islam Online)

November 3 2009:

The UN secretary-general today urged religious leaders to “set an example for the lifestyle of billions” by establishing green places of worship, purchasing environmentally friendly goods and investing ethically in sustainable products… Read more here (Guardian)

Medina to go green: Medina will be the first Islamic city to go green, the Grand Mufti of Egypt has announced, as part of a seven year plan to make the religion more environmentally friendly. Speaking at the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) conference at Windsor Castle, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, said Islam teaches its followers to protect the Earth.He announced the plans for Medina as part of a seven year plan to make the faith more environmentally friendly by teaching about climate change in Islamic schools, using renewable energy in mosques and encouraging green habits in places of pilgrimage… Read more here (Telegraph)

Leaders from nine major faiths meet at Windsor Castle on Tuesday in an exceptional initiative that supporters predict will harness the power of religion in the fight against climate change. The ecumenical gathering at the home of Queen Elizabeth II, 35 kilometres (22 miles) west of London, is being co-staged by the United Nations and Prince Philip’s Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC). For more link here (AFP)

You heard correct! Windsor Castle is going vegan for 24 hours in honor of a special banquet of 200 bigwigs, including UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, the Grand Mufti of Egypt and Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa, President of the All Africa Conference of Churches…. Click here for full article (EcoRazzy)

With the climate change conference in Copenhagen – where nations are expected to wrap up talks on an ambitious new agreement – just over one month away, “it is a pivotal moment for our world,” Mr. Ban said at a gathering of secular and religious leaders at Windsor Castle in London… Read more here (The Gov Monitor)

November 2 2009:

We are grateful to Radio Salaam Shalom who “live-streamed” the Windsor session on Monday 2 November, which will now be available on their website. For more information see our programme page

Sala in Morocco and Madinah in Saudi Arabia will soon declare a new green status, and Egypt’s Dar Al Iftaa has started taking practical steps to go carbon neutral in 2010. These are two of the key Muslim initiatives announced today by Sheikh Ali Gomaa, The Grand Mufti of Egypt. Link here for the full transcript in English, and here for the Arabic original. For the summaries of all the long-term commitments, including the Muslim 7 year plan, go to our commitments page. For the press release, link here

November 1 2009:

“Without the full support and cooperation and participation of religious leaders, it will be very difficult to create a political climate conducive to agreeing a very balanced and harmonious and equitable and binding agreement in Copenhagen. They have a strong influence and network. The reach is wide and deep and long so we must use this long and wide and deep reach in our common efforts to address climate change.” Listen here for the BBC broadcast on November 1 of an exclusive interview with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon. This interview, by Christopher Landau, was broadcast on Radio 4 and on the World Service, and highlighted in news broadcasts on all channels throughout the day.

October 30 2009:

Sikh environmental activists Baba Sewa Singh and Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal will be part of what has been called “the biggest civil society movement on climate change in history”… See whole article here (Punjab Newsline)”Impact of Religions will have deeper roots than Copenhagen”…The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has spoken out about the crucial role of the world’s religions in tackling climate change ahead of a major summit of faith leaders… Read more here (The Ecologist)

Dr Mahmoud Akef, of Earthmates UK, who organised the Muslim Seven Year Plan to Protect the Living Planet, said: “This Muslim long term plan will let Muslims engage in an active way with this pressing world problem…” To read further, download article here (Community Newswire)

“We’ve been trying to figure out how to beat back climate change for decades now. We’ve worked with governments, with the private sector, and many strong environmental NGOs,” said Olav Kjorven, director of development policy for the U.N. Development Programme… Link here for full article (AlertNet)

For centuries, different religions have argued about many issues and even gone to war over some of them. Next week however, they will put it all aside and come together for a common cause sustainability… To read on, click here (Green Right Now)

“It is rare that religion and science find agreement, but that is what happened when Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks spoke at a meeting on saving the earth from climate change….” Read on here (Reuters)

“Leaders of every major faith in Britain have called for governments to secure a climate change deal in Copenhagen, saying it was morally imperative to tackle the causes of global warming which most affected the poor…” for more click here (TVNZ)

October 29 2009:

“If governments fail us on climate change, maybe it’s time to give religions a chance…A powerful new influence has emerged for climate action and it’s one that may cause some environmentalists to choke on their morning muesli with surprise – religion…” to read on click here (Bristol 24-7)

October 27 2009:

“Nine Faiths; One Vegan Lunch at Windsor Castle”- On Tuesday November 3, His Royal Highness Prince Philip will host over 200 guests for lunch at Windsor Castle, the 900-year-old palace that serves as an official residence of his and Queen Elizabeth’s. But this lunch will be noticeably different from the roasted quail and crème fraîche typical of castle meals… Read on by clicking here (The Jewish Daily Forward)

“The Baha’i International Community today announced that it has become a partner in a United Nations-sponsored program to promote “generational change” to address climate change and environmental sustainability. The program… seeks to promote lifestyle changes that will help slow global warming and other environmental problems from 2010 to 2017.” For the full article click here (Baha’i World News Service)

“In a kick-off ceremony last week outside the United Nations, in honor of Jewish Social Action Month, a “Topsy Turvy Bus,” two chassis fused together, began a three-month journey across the country…” To read the full article and to see the bus, click here (The Jewish Week)

“The Jewish Climate Change Campaign kicked off this week in honor of Jewish Social Action Month. The plan outlines ways in which the Jewish people can capitalize on its unique institutions and rituals to help fight climate change. The Jewish plan is part of a global initiative to mobilize the world’s religions…” Click here to read the full article (The Jerusalem Post)

October 26 2009:

“Climate change activists worldwide are often stymied by sceptics who doubt how much humans can do to reverse global warming. But now the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Development Policy is recruiting religious groups to encourage people around the world to go green. Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Olav Kjorven, director of the UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy, about why the organization is turning to world religions in the fight against climate change”… To watch video clip link here or, to read the transcript (World Focus)

October 25 2009:

Windsor was featured on BBC Radio 4′s Sunday Programme:

“In just over a week’s time, leaders from nine of the world’s major faiths representing billions of worshippers will meet at Windsor Castle to launch serious long term action plans to protect the environment. Just a few years ago the idea of American Evangelicals playing a lead role would have been far fetched, but a delegation from Baltimore’s New Psalmist Baptist Church are on their way. Matthew Wells went along to find out why they’re going to Windsor and what they hope to achieve…” For full transcript click here, or to hear the NPBC Choir on Youtube click here

October 20 2009:

The Jewish Week today featured the Windsor event in a feature story about the Jewish long term plan. The article began by saying that this year the message of the story of Noah is especially powerful and urgent: “On Nov. 2, we are joining representatives of the world’s religions at a conference at Windsor Castle hosted by the secretary-general of the United Nations and Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh (perhaps better known in this country as the husband of the Queen)” Link here for the full story (The Jewish Week)

October 19 2009:

The Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency this week featured the Windsor event “Many Heavens, One Earth” in a news story that goes to church communities throughout Latin America, and to Catholic communities worldwide. It focused on how this has been called “the biggest civil society movement on climate change in history” and that leaders from nine of the world’s major faiths – Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Sikhism – will gather in Windsor next month to commit to long-term practical action to save the environment. Link here to read full article (ALC)

October 09 2009:

In a ‘Solve Climate’ article on October 9th, journalist Joanna Peace cites ARC as a direct influence on the creation of a Jewish long term plan to protect the environment – a plan which is launched in NY this week and globally next month at Windsor.

The article quotes UNDP Assistant Secretary-General General Olav Kjørven: “The world’s faiths joined together in this cause – if viewed in terms of sheer numbers of people – could become the planet’s largest civil society movement for change.”

“Really what we’re saying is that sustainable actions are a part of what Jews do,” said Jessica Haller of New-York based Hazon, behind the Jewish Climate Change Campaign. “They celebrate Sabbath, they remain kosher, and all of that stuff has in it an environmental sensibility. As a Jew, it already is core to who you are.”

The article also quotes the Muslim Seven Year Plan, which is also part of the ARC-UNDP initiative, and which will also be launched at Windsor on November 3: “[The] Qur’an calls for the preservation of nature, the enjoyment of its beauty and the prevention of distortion of the earth. Islam not only asks humanity to take responsibility to protect and conserve the environment, it also invites mankind to respect, cherish and enjoy nature.”

It points out that since an estimated 85% of the world’s population subscribes to some faith- and reverence for nature and creation are basic tenets of almost every major religion- it makes sense that the world religions can make a considerable effort in the global battle against climate change. For the full article follow link (Solve Climate)

September 23 2009:

The Guardian newspaper today writes about the Windsor event: “In November a unique event is being held at Windsor Castle, hosted by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation and the United Nations Development Programme, which will bring together religious and environmental leaders from around the world to talk about co-operation and long-term planning for the planet. It will be a wonderful antidote to the gloom that will shroud the world a month later, emanating from Copenhagen.” The article was a response to Lord May’s comments about religious leaders needing to urge their faithful to act on climate change. To read more click here (The Guardian)

September 13 2009:

Martin Palmer, ARC’s Secretary General, describes to Jane Little, Radio 4′s Sunday Programme Presenter, the power faith has to shape future generations – and the cause for celebration at Windsor in November 2009. To read more click here (ARC)

July 24 2009:

In an article entitled “Climate: the faiths “are mobilising” Bill Bowder of the Church Times tells readers about the ARC-UNDP celebration at Windsor. The article also gives details of the Islamic event in Istanbul at which the Muslim Seven Year Plan was launched, and of ARC’s July 2009 Faith in Water event, which has already led to several successful new partnerships between religions, secular organisations and entrepreneurs providing appropriate water and sanitation technology to schools and communities. To read more click here

july 13 2009:

In an article this week entitled “New sins, new virtues” The Economist analyses the impact of the July 7 Papal Encyclical and of the Muslim Seven Year Plan, The article refers positively to the key event at Windsor being organised by ARC in early November. To read more click here.

June 3 2009:

An article by Olav Kjorven, Asssitant Secretary General and Director of Development Policy at the UN Development Programme explains why, as they prepare for the Copenhagen climate change negotiations in December, governments must remember the impact – and the potential impact – of the faiths.